The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club
Calendar Competition No 9 - September 2019

A year's club membership for the winner, plus 5 off club membership for all runners-up.

By Pete Colbert

Join us in the latest of our series of 12 Hunts for non-members. Published monthly here, and on our Facebook page.


Download the competition here:  September 2019


(Existing club members are ineligible to take part; only one win in series of twelve; closing date one month after winning entry.)


All entries to 


Competition No 1 was by Scott Gardner. Winner was Joanne McAnelly. Solution available on 23 February.

Competition No 2 was by Roger Lintott. Winner was Simon Long. Solution available on 1 March.

Competition No 3 was by Pete Colbert. Winner was Deborah Hatton.Solution available on 15 May.

Competition No 4 is by Beryl Murphy and was published on 2 April. No winners yet.

Competition No 5 was by Scott Gardner and was published on 1 May. Winner was Toby Sharpe. Solution available on 13 June.

Competition No 6 was by by Nick Ball and was published on 1 June. Winner was Uta Loehnert. Solution available on 3 July.

Competition No 7 is by Gisela Reid and published on 1 July. No winners yet.

Competition No 8 is by Roger Lintott and published on 19 August. No winners yet.

Competition No 9 is by Pete Colbert and published on 6 September.

Competition No 10 will be by Scott Gardner and published on 1 October.

Competition No 11 will be by Gisela Reid and published on 1 November.

Competition No 12 will be by ? and published on 1 December.



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