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Please excuse the pun on ‘the story doesn’t make sense, but it’s full of clues’, which was the solution to one of many codes contained in a treasure hunt I was closely involved with many years ago and, with one small change, have resurrected (the sentence that is, not the treasure hunt), as the tag line for ATRIVM.


By the time you read this the 2013 Club Hunt should be wrapped up and ready for presenting to you all in September. Six months in the making, all sites reconnoitred, all tokens hidden, there is just final tweaking and minor embellishments to make.


There’s actually not a lot I can say about it without giving too much away! I’ll try though:






The picture on the right is the Atrium Teaser – this is just to give everybody a taste of the format of the Hunt – a single (hi-res) picture, set in a Roman atrium, located at some indeterminate point in time and space.


The teaser is, however, just that. It contains a small puzzle which does not help in any way towards the main hunt, but may provide mild amusement before publication of the main event.


(Please take the time to download the teaser at full resolution, as this will be the same as the main [much larger] hunt.)


 As mentioned above, there is no narrative within ATRIVM, so you’ll have to use your deductive powers in a visual context! There are plenty of twists and turns, and, hopefully, some surprises along the way.


Prizes: Again, difficult to describe without ‘spilling the beans’, but there are between 3 and 10, of varying worth, depending on which part of the hunt they represent!!


Some sites have hidden tokens, others not. However, all claims can be made after visiting the sites, or via ‘armchair technology’. More detailed details will be given when ATRIVM is published in September.




(All solution sites are UK based, although the clues may not be!)




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