The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club
1999 Annual Event

The 1999 Annual Event was situated in the picturesque village of Bourton-on-the-Water in the heart of the Cotswolds. The event was organized by John and Suzanne Elliott and featured a treasure hunt called The King of Toads written by club member Paul Watts. The event proved to be a great success. Three dragonflies and one silver toad were hidden in the village waiting to be found. Below are a selection of pictures that were taken on the day.

Thank you to Sandra Young and Sally Hickling for the following photos.

Click the images for larger photos.

 < The Victoria Hall, where the event took place.
Shaun & Alison Whitehead pictured shortly after the Event Treasure Hunt. >

 < The queue outside the Maze builds.
Paul Harkin & Martin Dennett tackle the Maze. >

 < As do Mandy Davies & Debbie McBride.
Deborah Hatton and Dai Phillips, winners of Dragonfly brooches. >

 < Harold, Elaine and Faith Benney with John Gibbons, Diane and Rob Farmer and Lillian Benstead.
Brian, Matthew and Margaret Souter hunting with Anne Denham and her daughter Lisa >

 < Richard Hooke in the Dragonfly Maze.
Organizers John and Suzanne had this cake made, complete with the club logo. >

 < Club Member Sally Hickling outside 'The Bothy' where she found a dragonfly brooch in the wall.
The brooch found by Sally Hickling, silver with a blue john body. >

 < The ornamental fountain in the Dragonfly Maze.
The toad that is found in the heart of the Dragonfly Maze. >

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