The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club

Treasure was Europe's biggest treasure hunt. It was written, illustrated and constructed by artist and club founder Dan James in 1994.

Treasure was centred around the five counties of 'Middle England'. In each of these counties there lay hidden eight gold coins and one bronze lute key. Each coin could be found by solving any one of the clues in any chapter. Once all eight puzzles in any one chapter had been solved, each letter and number from the eight clues led the hunter to a bronze lute key. This lute key would fit into the specially made bronze lute to earn the finder an original painting from the book. Once all of the 40 clues had been solved there was then a final 'master riddle' to solve which would lead one hunter to a sixth lute key which could be exchanged for the top prize of £250,000 in year one, £150,000 in year two, and £50,000 in year three. Split into five chapters, each chapter related to a particular county in Middle England.

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