The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club
Spring Event 2002

Fine, upstanding citizens assembled to assist Her Majesty's Government in the recovery of a treasure illegally obtained by the footpad an highwayman


otherwise known as John Palmer of York

It had come to the attention of the Officers of the Queen, Shaun and Alison Whitehead, that the locket demanded by Turpin from the Lady Russell of Kirby Muxloe was secreted by Turpin somewhere within the walls of York. Turpin was hanged in 1739, taking the secret of the location of the locket to his grave. Recently a set of scribbled notes has been discovered, seemingly written by Turpin as a personal reminder of the whereabouts of the jewel.



began in the City of York, at Debtor's Prison, which now forms part of York Castle Museum, on

Sunday 5 May 2002

for the purpose of locating the missing article and a


namely the locket itself.

The Prison was the last residence of Dick Turpin before he was taken to be hanged at the York Tyburn. Several clues to the treasure were found to lie within the walls of the museum.

The event was recorded below by Nicholas Perry Esq.

 < Alison and Brian Souter, victorious...
...and the locket Brian found. >

 < The group assembles outside the York Castle Museum as Shaun Whitehead tries to get the admission fee from a goose that joined in.
Shaun photographs the attendees at the Spring 2002 event. >

 < Brian and Alison Souter and Lyn Mann ponder the puzzles that lie ahead in the Castle Museum as Clive Weatherley spots something in a window.
Deborah Hatton and Martin Dennett don't know what to make of the sheet of strange symbols for the second stage of the hunt. >

 < Perhaps it is time to join forces... but Dan, Charles Cunningham, Martin & Deborah and Clive Weatherley are collectively none the wiser!
Martin shares his thoughts. >

 < Fellow club members are equally stumped!
But Shirley Haigh and Mike Smith think there might be something in the undergrowth. >

 < On to the streets if York... Deborah, Martin and Charles are starting to match symbols on the paper with the features of York City centre... but what to do with the symbols?
Joining forces clearly pays off as two hours later, Martin and Clive discover two clay tokens as Deborah looks on. >

 < Charles finds a third token nearby.
But what lies inside the clay? Clive finds... a ring... not the prized locket, but a fine prize nonetheless. >

 < No more luck for Deborah, who also finds a ring.
Meanwhile, Brian can't quite make out the pictures, but Alison thinks she's seen something... >

 < ...and sure enough, a fourth token lies in the brickwork.
John Elliott finds a fifth just a few feet away. >

 < But alas, two more rings, as Lyn Mann looks on.
With eleven teams finding eleven rings, the prized locket remains unfound, so Shaun randomly redistributes the maps... >

 < And this time Brian strikes it lucky and finds the last token...
...inside which is the prized locket! >

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