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Below are some links to external websites which may be of interest to our visitors and members. The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club is not responsible for the contents of the following sites.

Links to specific hunts in the English language are generally included in our list of hunts open to the general public. Links to non-specific websites are listed on our main links page.


Nibelungen Schatzsuche (Dragon Search) will be published on 1 April 2003, and a golden dragon (valued by the publishers at around €50,000) awaits the first German reader to solve the hunt. ISBN 3-936906-00-9 €12.80
Schatzsuche is a German-based site with a strong community, most notable for its recent collaboration on the Merlin Mystery.


Philip Arnault's Chasses aux trésors is a free-to-enter hunt comprising seven riddles. The winner will receive an original painting from artist and illustrator Michel Becker. Becker's previous work includes the Golden Owl and illustrations for the leading french treasure hunt book Sur les traces de la chouette d'or. The website is updated regularly to show the evolution of the work of art and to publish extra clues. Philip asserts this hunt requires a true command of french, but he and Michel Becker are working on an international hunt and hopes to have more news by the end of 2003 or earlyh in the new year.
Le Mystère Du Grenier is a new web-based 3D hunt/game for a prize, initially, of €100. Participating is free but if you want to ask the hunt-setter questions, it costs! - "le site des chercheurs de trésor". A relatively new french treasure hunters' site which currently includes Le trésor de Morgan le pirate - a hunt launched in September 2002 for a magnificent sabre valued at around €150.

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