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Below are some links to external websites which may be of interest to our visitors and members. The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club is not responsible for the contents of the following sites.

Links to the largest published armchair hunts with prizes for members of the public are generally included in our list of hunts open to the general public. We also have a list of links to specific hunts in languages other than English.

Quest 4 Treasure is a based around an active bulletin board, and run by former club member Mark Parry and Phil Nuttall. It has ongoing discussions on most current treasure hunts and is open to all, at no cost.

Mark also hosts his own historic treasure hunting site.

Miglia Quadrato and its sister Londinium Pedo are annual events run by the United Hospitals & University of London Motor Club (UHULMC). Both take the form of clues comprising 10m grid references and non-criptic word clues which must be physically located within the 10m x 10m grid reference. The hunt take place entirely within the confines of the City of London.

The Miglia dates back to 1957 and usually takes place anually on a Sunday in mid May - from midnight until 5am in the morning. Around sixty teams enter each year; each comprising between two and six people and, crucually, a standard road car (or a vintage fire engine if you're that way inclined!). There are sixty clues to find in five hours - 20 easy, 20 medium and 20 difficult. The club has fielded three teams in recent years.

The Pedo takes place in daylight hours on a Sunday in the autumn and although broadly similar in structure to the Miglia, it takes place on foot in teams of two or as individuals.

For more details email the organizers on uhulmc(at) or see the UHULMC website. The 2009 regulations and entry form are available here.

Krummz is a Google Maps based website for authoring and following treasure trails and treasue hunts online. There is also a Krummz application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Krummz is free to use.
Masquerade - And the Mysteries of Kit Williams

A long-running and very interesting and informative site about the author and artist Kit Williams, who wrote the most famous treasure hunt of all Masquerade. Probably the definitive Kit Williams fan site.

The LogicaCMG Annual Armchair Treasure Hunts are written each Christmas for employees of LogicaCMG but the LogicaCMG Sports and Social Club welcomes entries from the general public, although the prizes are only available to employees.
Geocaching is a treasure hunting game, using the Global Positioning System (GPS) device and coordinates. You can find treasures that others have hidden in unusual places. On their website you can find the latest caches in your area, how to hide your own cache, and information on how to get started in this fun and exciting sport.

Club members can read all about GPS and Geocaching in the August 2002 newsletter or in the articles section of this website.

Urban Challenge was active between 2005-5. It is a US-based commercial 'sport' which consists of an annual season of events in cities across the country. Rather like orienteering but around an urban landscape, teams of two race each other on foot and public transport to find 12 checkpoints. Entry for the 2002 season cost between US$65 and US$100 per person and the winning teams in various cities entered a play-off for a US$50,000 prize in Las Vegas.
The Fool's Errand is the website of US puzzle-maker Cliff Johnson. It contains details of his past and future puzzles and mind benders which have appeared in both electronic and paper form. Cliff, most notably, set the hunt in David Blaine's Mysterious Stranger.
The Puzzle Collection of Maarten Vermaak is a summary of a number of book based hunts an puzzles all the way back to Masquerade.
The Great Moghul is a puzzle in a box from The Treasure Company. Follow in the footsteps of Percy Elgin, on a journey from post-war Somerset to London, and decode the clues which lead you to discover what happened to the ruby spinel of the title.

If you correctly solve the mystery of what happened to the Moghul and can identify where it now lies, a real spinel gemstone can be yours to keep, by completing the claim form provided.

The Gentleman and Adventurer Company will create bespoke, buried, treasure hunts from £165 based on your choice of area in Wales and central/southern England. A wonderful and unique gift for someone special. The service is run independently by club members Charles Affleck and Steven Shipp.

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