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Newsletters 2021

All members of The Armchair Treasure Hunt Club receive four newsletters each year. The newsletter is written by our members and covers current club hunts, news on other hunts, features on general topics of interest, letters, prize puzzles, general chat, and more!

The newsletter is compiled on behalf of the club by Pete It is edited  by the Club Co-ordinator and Treasurer, Scott and published electronically on the Club Bulletin Board by Pete.

Details of the other issues:

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In the 2021 issues:

Issue 146 - March 2021

Issue 147 - June 2021

Issue 146 March 2021 Issue 146 March 2021    
Cover Photo: GW Hunt grave, Abney Park Cemetery


Armchair Actions - progress on moving the club forward

Apophenia Island - Club members share their experiences of the 2020 Pablo Armchair Treasure Hunt

Puzzle Pages – two tenners to be won!

Do You Know The Rules?  – Peter Keen.

Wordsearch – Gisela Reid

Connecting Walls – Gisela Reid

Pub Quiz #2 – Toby Sharpe

Just for Fun – Roger Lintott

Tea Time Teasers - solution and winners

Pub Quiz #1 - solution

TATHC Appeal - Hunt setters needed
Cover Photo: Summer Solstice at Stonehenge


Armchair Activities - progress on club finances

Scott’s Puzzle Legacy – can joint club brains solve these?

New Member Medallions - What happened?


Solutions and Winners:

The Famous Trains Puzzle – Roger Lintott

Wordsearch & Connecting Walls – Gisela

Pub Quiz #2 – Toby Sharpe

Just for Fun – Roger Lintott

Tea Time Teasers – three fivers to be won!

Just For Fun – two more brainteasers

2021 TATHC Hunt Teaser

Clue for Beau’s Treasure


Submitting articles

If you wish to submit an article or letter for publication, please discuss your submission with the Newsletter editor  then email it directly to the Newsletter editor in time for the next issue deadline. 

When submitting pictures or image, please ensure they do not exceed 300Kb preferably in Jpeg format.

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