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In the 2014 issues:

Issue 118 - March 2014

Issue 119 - June 2014

Issue 120 - September 2014

Issue 121 - December 2014

Issue 118 March 2014 Issue 118 March 2014
Cover Photo: Congratulations to Pete, seen here receiving the Family Secrets - Kent hunt hares from Sandra.


Sandra's Spring Review

The Herring In The River – The location of the first Atrium Red Herring

Poosey and Mapes  – Roger's Taster for this year's club hunt

Charlotte's Legacy: the final secret - Pete's trip to Kent

Armchair Codebreakers – Jo, Annika and Pete's Enigma experience

World Wide Treasures 4: Gone Surfin' - Winners and solution

The Pyschologicals First in Deep Space – The 2013 CGI Treasure Hunt

World Wide Treasures 5: Two Charlies and a Dog - Gisela's new virtual hunt

Simon's News & Clues – including a new hint for The Enchanted Garden

One Letter Hunt – Can you ferret out Annika's token?

Roger's Tea Time Teasers - Three 5 prizes to be won

Have Your Say – an on-line Members' Survey compiled by Scott Gardner

Cover Photo:  Steve Hallam displaying his Poosey and Mapes Teaser and the Atrium Red Herring prizes.


Sandra's Summer Review

Details of the 2014 Club Meeting

The three tails of Atrivm Red Herrings

Illustration of the Atrivm prizes

Results of Club Survey

World Wide Treasures 5: Two Charlies and a Dog - winners and solution

Where on Earth? - new competition

Poosey and Mapes  – The solution to Roger's Taster for this year's club hunt (published separately)

The Enchanted Garden - Red Herring solution

Simon's News & Clues

Roger's Tea Time Teasers - Three 5 prizes to be won

Obituary to John Elliott

One Letter Hunt – extra clue

Top Secret - a one day hunt in Essex

Cover Photo:  The winning team at the Oakham Club Meeting


Sandra's Autumn Review

Atrivm - The frieze solution

The King's Ransom - a mad dash through Cambridge

Where on Earth 2? - new competition and solution to WOE 1

Poosey and Mapes  – Red Herring solutions

Simon's News & Clues

Roger's Tea Time Teasers - Three 5 prizes to be won

Atrivm - Major prize presentation and what the Oakham crowd didn't see

TATHC Medallion Geocoins status

Treasure Hunters Gazette


Cover Photo:  Annika holding her Silver Eagle from TWGTH Chapter 4


Sandra's Christmas Review

There's Silver in Them Thar Hills!! - Annika's trip to Phoenix

Atrivm - The Alcoves solution

The King's Ransom - Clive reveals all

Atrivm - Fourth Red Herring solution

Codebreakers - the ups and downs of team Armchair

Spring Club Hunt - possible event

World Wide Treasures 6: Matryoshka - Gisela's new virtual hunt (plus solution to WOE2)

Simon's News & Clues

Roger's Tea Time Teasers - Three 5 prizes to be won

Poosey and Mapes  – The Capture of Great Train Robber

Treasure Hunters Gazette



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