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Newsletters 2003

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In the 2003 issues:

Issue 66 - February 2003

Issue 67 - April 2003

Issue 68 - June 2003

Issue 69 - August 2003

Issue 70 - October 2003

Issue 71 - December 2003

Cover Photo: Club Hunt 2003 will be launched in August and is being set in four areas of the UK.


  • Sandra Young formats Dave Blakeway’s latest hunt, Simple Knowledge.
  • Mike Smith provides the solution to A Christmas Treasure.
  • Nick Perry, WebMaster, drums up a bit of business in Spinning The Web.
  • At last we get round to publishing the Member Profile for Susanne Stacey.
  • Minnesota Obsessives is an extract from a recent article in The Times about what our friends across the pond have been getting up to since 1952.
  • Brian is unable to come up with a title for his article on this year’s club hunts, but does reveal some of the thinking behind the decision to stage four hunts.
  • Newsletter News - by Brian Souter
  • Yakkety Yak - by Sandra Young
  • Puzzle Pages - by Ann Hughes
  • Bulletin Board - by Charles Cunningham
  • Letterbox - edited by Shaun Whitehead

Cover Photo: Shaun Whitehead launches a trial hunt using mobile text messaging


Cover Photo: Clive Weatherley celebrates success in this year's Spring Event


Cover Photo: Clive Weatherley examines the Text4Treasure prize he found at the base of a sycamore tree adjacent to the Wellington Monument in Hyde Park, London.


Cover Photo: Squire Clive Trelawney, Long John Perry, Dr Matt Livesey, Lady Alison, Captain Shaun Smollett and Mikey Jim-Lad Smith gather outside Brooksby Hall near Melton Mowbray.


Cover Photo: Here’s hoping you find what you are looking for in your stocking this Christmas. The Team for 2003 wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


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